Workshop Schedule

Heart of Belonging

Oct. 6- 8, 2023

Susan Harper and Rebecca Lawson

Belonging is a powerful theme, directly related to our longing for intimacy—to meet and be fully met. We suffer when our need for connection is not met. By refining the compass of our genuine longing and belonging, new possibilities emerge.

Themes of Longing and Belonging 

· Inner Belonging to one’s own bones, breath and heart with their longing and belonging songs.

· Tend Feelings of the Heart – grief and joy ~ anguish and awe

· Relational Sensuous Perceiving allows consciousness to stream into the world, to contact it deeply, and to let discoveries flow back inside.

· Transpersonal Belonging to the elemental intelligences, to imaginal energies, and to the “more-than-human” world.

What is calling in your heart asking to be born into this world, that would fulfill a longing of this world?

Continuum Explorations

Susan and Rebecca bring movement motifs and primordial sound explorations to facilitate a healing liquid articulation throughout the whole organism. The process is pleasurable and empowering.


These practices open fresh heart-based perceiving, creative imagination, and a radical capacity for presence, resonance, and love.

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