Individual Mentoring and In-Depth Therapy Explorations

In person, by phone or online.

A body/mind psychotherapy for understanding, integration, and change.

The styles of sessions vary and may include Continuum, inquiry into psycho/emotional processes, somatic awareness, and dream tracking.

Why explore in individual sessions?

  • To clarify and encourage mind/body reciprocity.
  • To bring personal emotional conflict into physical awareness where it can be perceived and processed constructively.
  • To identify specific body parts that have been unused or misused and coordinate more functional patterns.
  • To experience, explore, and verbally process the full range of human feelings as they emerge.
  • To achieve holistic well being, by broadening movement dynamics, equilibrating postural alignment, integrating body splits, reforming maladaptive movement patterns, and restoring breath flow.

Rebecca is also a mentor for experienced Continuum students who are interested in becoming a teacher and a member of the Continuum Teachers Association. 

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