Continuum Inquiry

What is Continuum Inquiry?

The most direct way to enhance self-awareness is by developing your ability to listen to yourself as an embodied being. Continuum is a direct experience inquiry into what it is means to be alive. An individual’s unique movement expression and tissue orchestration are explored in space, gravity, and time. Using sound, breath, and subtle movement, we enliven the fluid system, allowing the bio-intelligence to be responsive to our context. When somatic constraints are softened, we experience a greater flow of energy, increase tissue adaptability, and generate multi-dimensional movement dynamics. The practice helps us to be responsive and adaptable in movement and thought. 

Since its inception, Continuum has been exploring the profundity of the fluid system as one resonant stream of intelligence… within our bodies, planet, and galaxy. Fluid molecules choreograph tissue structure and affect communication and the energetic nourishment that is available to us. When responding to the inevitable challenges of living, we often act to protect ourselves via systemic tightening. We solidify our bodies, create patterns, and establish armoring, all of which result in a body structure with compression and density. The consequences of these patterns influence our capacity to resonate with others and ourselves. We are hence, cut off from the wisdom of our bodies. We live in a dynamic world that begs for adjustment, variability, and adaptive capabilities. The process of Continuum helps to dissolve our protective strategies (often somatic) and enter a larger field of communication with life. Our alignment with the evolving living process is enhanced resulting in a reconnection to our unique beingness. We live with more adaptability, nourishment, ease, acceptance, and love.

It has been my experience that Continuum offers us an opportunity to go into a deeper listening, and from that listening begin to actually know how to both tend and recognize ourselves. We discover new and ancient ways of what it means to be alive by honoring a deep intelligence that focuses on sensation instead of mentation. Continuum offers us a context to explore and honor our own process and timing, freeing us from habit and deeply seeded messages of duality.

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