A Moving Psychotherapy

A body/mind psychotherapy that uses the MOVING BODY in the service of understanding, integration, and change.  

Why come to a Moving Psychotherapy session?

  • To clarify and encourage mind/body reciprocity.
  • To bring subjective emotional conflict into an objective physical form where it can be perceived and processed constructively.
  • Identify specific body parts that have been unused or misused and direct actions into functional patterns.
  • To experience, explore, and verbally process the full range of human feelings as they emerge.
  • To achieve a balanced state in the body by broadening movement dynamics, equilibrating postural alignment, integrating body splits, reforming maladaptive movement patterns and restoring breath flow.

A Moving Psychotherapy session is similar to what one would expect of traditional therapy or path of growth and change.  The client and therapist work together to enhance self-awareness, resolve conflict, and cultivate a healthier, less anxious, more energized individual. To achieve these goals, however, we incorporate the physical dimension, purporting that any alteration in body or movement dynamics generates concomitant changes in cognition, affect and behavior.

The body is a reflection of one’s psychological composition, representing layers of physical responses to an emotional history. When a client comes into therapy, we, together, observe and explore body attitude, tension levels, energy blocks, use of space, movement qualities, body boundaries, range of motion and postural alignment.    
A moving Psychotherapy session is a safe place to free-associate with movement. The process fosters self-awareness through an examination of movement preferences and their psychological correlates.  New, more adaptive movement patterns and body feeling states can be learned, practiced, and integrated. The modality is ideal for enhancing insight, body consciousness, expression, and the integration of repressed feelings.

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