Somatic Restructuring

Why come to a Somatic Restructuring Session?


  • Benefit 1 — Greater ease of movement 

  • Benefit 2 — Reduce body tension

  • Benefit 3 — Improve body alignment

Somatic Restructuring is designed to enhance one’s physical well being. The emphasis is on teaching self-help interventions in order that the individual can maintain, independently, a healthier body mechanic. Together, we explore resources needed to develop a greater ease of movement, reduce body tension, and improve body alignment for correct sitting, standing, walking, dancing, and sports activities. We integrate new structural and spatial possibilities. These goals will be achieved in large part by increasing flexibility and improving core support structures with an enhanced knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. The results reawaken and release the grace and support of our animal bodies.

Assisting the work are various methods and tools:

  • Breathing techniques,

  • Pilate’s and Yoga principals,

  • Alexander technique,

  • Dynamic Alignment,

  • Connective Tissue Release,

  • physio-ball,

  • roller (wooden and foam roller)

  • Therabands.

This body mindfulness and fine tuning would be of benefit to all humans. It is useful to those interested in body therapies as a path to self-knowledge and growth. Whether it is for sitting at work, taking a walk, or dancing up a storm, the self-help interventions will enhance the pleasure of being in one’s body and facilitate ease of movement. You will be provided with information for self-care, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and a healthier way to move on with your life.