Continuum/ MovingWholeness:

Thoughts, feelings, movements, sensations - it all happens in the terrain of your physicality.  The most direct way to enhance self-awareness is by developing your ability to listen to yourself as an embodied being. 

Continuum is a direct experience inquiry into what it is means to be alive. An individual’s unique movement expression and tissue orchestration are explored in space, gravity and time. Using sound, breath and subtle movement, we enliven the fluid system, allowing the bio-intelligence to be responsive to our context. When somatic constraints are softened, we experience a greater flow of energy, increase tissue adaptability and generate multi-dimensional movement dynamics. The practice helps us to be responsive and adaptable in movement and thought.

 No movement experience necessary, all experience welcome!

More freedom, more space more life….a peaceful deep breath.

  • Ongoing classes
  •  Individual sessions for tracking personal processes
  •   Workshops


Fluid Strength: When we invigorate the fluid system and explore with creativity our relationship to gravity, we render ourselves adaptable and resilient. Rather than routinely sculpting and isolating particular body parts or muscles, as has been the norm, we focus on “system strength” which is an holistic model by nature.


Somatic Restructuring: Somatic Restructuring is designed to enhance one’s physical well being. The emphasis is on teaching self-help interventions in order that the individual can maintain, independently, a healthier body mechanic.

We explore resources needed to develop a greater ease of movement, reduce body tension, and improve body alignment for correct sitting, standing, walking, dancing, and sports activities.

These goals will be achieved in large part by increasing flexibility and improving core support structures with an enhanced knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.


Moving Psychotherapy: A moving Psychotherapy session is a safe place to free-associate with movement.

The process fosters self awareness through an examination of movement preferences and their psychological correlates.

New, more adaptive movement patterns and body feeling states can be learned, practiced and integrated.

The modality is ideal for enhancing insight, body consciousness, catharsis and the integration of repressed feelings.