MovingWholeness and Continuum Overview


MovingWholeness/Continuum is a unique direct experience somatic self care practice that uses sound, breath and non-patterned micro-movements to decompress the tissue patterns which block our life force, thereby compromising our health and overall resonance with life.   We are primarily  water and activating and enlivening the fluid system allows for  personal transformation and healing.  By engaging the fluid system, psychological and physical blocks begin to dissolve, altering conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. An attempt is made to move beneath cultural influences. The essential elements of MovingWholeness awaken a bio-intelligence that promotes adaptability,  flexibility, fluidity, wholeness, and health.


·  Self discovery and connection
·  To feel stronger, more supple and alive
·  To move, breathe, and sound with freedom and authenticity
·  To reduce conditioned patterns that thwart your happiness, energy, and creativity
To become more responsive and adaptable in movement and thought
More freedom, more space, more life...a peaceful deep breath


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