Please read the following "new" policy for class registration and make-ups.  Thank you.

As a teacher and your friend, I would love for everyone to take classes free of charge.   However, because this is my "work," and because I wear the hat of administrator,  book keeper, marketer, bill collector, and teacher,  I need to establish policy.

It is helpful if you preregister for class.  This way I know if a class will have enough participants, or if the class is full.  And, I want to add, that I do understand if this is not possible.  We have busy, ever changing lives.  However, if you do preregister, some clarity is set in place.  There will be fewer emails and phone calls for me to remember.   This said,  drop-ins are more than welcome.  The policy remains the same: space permitting and a $5.00 surcharge. 

New policy: If you do preregister and miss a class, you are allowed one make-up class during the series in which you are registered (in any class).  A make-up cannot be carried over into the next series.  The old policy has become somewhat time consuming and confusing at times. 

Of course, if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or for personal reasons, you will be credited that class or refunded.