Jungle Gym, A Continuum Approach

to Fluid Strength

Exciting and energizing, we will explore the question “What is fitness?” Using the basic elements of Emily Conrad’s Continuum, we can redefine the notion of strength and core.

When we invigorate the fluid system and explore with creativity our relationship to gravity, we render ourselves adaptable and resilient. Rather than routinely sculpting and isolating particular body parts or muscles, as has been the norm, we focus on “system strength” which is an holistic model by nature.

Repetitive movement supports static contraction, density, and compression…a kind of lock down, where the body becomes rigid and vulnerable to injury. Fluid Dynamic Strength allows for greater ease and range of movement without the inherent detrimental effects of the traditional western strength model.

The goal is health, mobility, ease, and connection…not a bound power or alienation. Following the patterns of water (spirals, arcs, curves, and waves), we will use movement, weights, rollers, and balls to inspire, strengthen, and expand our movement repertoire. Unlike movement practices that rely on fixed patterns or postures,

Continuum invites us to explore our intrinsic nature as fluid and creative beings. Through a rich variety of breath, sound ,and multidimensional movement explorations , we will experience our capacity for free, flowing, non-constrained expression. Practicing Continuum: increases vitality, awakens creativity and play, reduces physical limitations, enhances flexibility and strength, strengthens our bones, and facilitates trust in the body’s wisdom.